Historic Collage

Established in 1916

The history of Pondi's Restaurant began when John Pondi was working at the factory once located across the street from the restaurant's current location. He would invite his co-workers into their home to enjoy his wife Annie's great cooking. As word spread of how delicious Aunt Annie's food was, the group of hungry workers became large enough to justify converting the first floor of their house into a restaurant. John and Annie continued to live in the upstairs.

Pondi's survived Prohibition by making "bathtub" gin upstairs, and John Pondi occasionally served a weekend in jail when caught. The restaurant thrived post-World War II and became a favorite for generations of locals throughout the decades.

Over the past century of operation, Pondi's has had only four owners. Current owners Matt and Jessica Borza have owned Pondi's since 1998. They have continued to honor the history and legacy of the Pondi and Muntean family.

The Borzas recently welcomed Chef Treg Steves back to Pondi's as an Operating Partner in anticipation of the expansion and market project. Treg was the Head Chef at Pondi's from 2001 to 2016.